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Significant historical events and other vital background. For now I will simply throw links onto here as I think of them. This will later be cleaned and pretty-fied for your enjoyment.

*NOTE: The “40,000” or “40k” of “Warhammer 40k” refers to the year (yes, they do use a roughly Gregorian calendar). So when you see a date listed with “M41” that means it refers to something in the 41st millennium, or the year 40,000. M32 would be the year 31,000. And so on.

*NOTE: Some of what the Lexicanum references is not the Deathwatch game system, but the table top miniatures game.

*NOTE: I currently only have rules for 5 Chapters—Black Templar , Ultramarines , Space Wolves , Dark Angels , Blood Angels , and Storm Wardens . I am willing to make up one more Chapter. My personal favorites are either the Raven Guard or Salamanders . If any of you take a shining to a particular chapter we may be able to work something.

The Great Crusade

The Horus Heresy

Age of Apostasy

Galaxy of the 41st Millennium

Adeptus Astartes

List of Space Marine Chapters

Creation of a Space Marine

Specialty: Tactical

Specialty: Assault

Specialty: Librarian

Specialty: Techmarine

Specialty: Apothecary

Specialty: Devastator

Adepta Sororitas

Ordo Xenos


Main Page

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