Xiomar Elyas Quinlin Tor

Long black hair, ice blue eyes, one twin-blade scar that slashes across left eye. One more that slashes across throat.


Quote: Lets be clear, my purpose is not to cleanse chaos from the universe for the greater good. My motivations are simple and selfish. I want to hammer chaos as a whole and leave nothing but dust!!
Quote: I am the one they send when all seems lost! I will cause as much violence as I may! I will never leave a battle-brother behind! I will uphold the honor of the Blood Angels! I will succeed, as I AM the Blood Angel of Death!!


His early life on Scintilla is not one he dwells on. He has no idea to whom or even where he was born. He raised himself from the gutters of Gunmetal City. He is not a very nice person. Having an unnatural skill with bladed weapons allowed him to hold his own on the streets. After one vicious battle between gangs he was arrested for murder at the age of 10 and was sentenced to the penal world of Kommitzar.
On this world he trained under a couple of guards, and taught him more skills to enhance his already formidable talents. He began to hire himself out as a permanent problem solver. Never taking one side in any fight one gang decided to take care of the problem, and that his how he earned the scar across his throat. No one really knows the whole story, but the guards found him one morning laying in his bed with 6 other bodies lying about his cell in various pieces. They turned him over thinking he was dead with the huge puddle of blood he was laying in, but he was hanging on to his life by a thread. After this close call he decided it was time to try and leave. He had seen the Blood Angel recruitment team pass through, and volunteered to test. After hours of trial by combat where he fearlessly met any opposition he rose undefeated, and was recruited as a neophyte Space Marine.
With his superior agility they started him off as a recon scout. After many mission he had distinguished himself as an outstanding forward scout with an uncanny knack of infiltration they began to train him as an assassin. He proved extremely deadly in this role, with almost an insatiable blood-lust. During one mission was when he received his other scar. During a sneak and peak to view the terrain for his next assassination attempt he found a nest of Tyranids. The warrior of the nest tore through his recon squad. He was thrown clear of the combat after receiving the twin bladed slash across his eye.By the time the Devastator Squad had appeared on the scene he was the only one left alive. His left arm was hanging by threads of blood vessels, and he had broken both legs. Yet, he was still dragging himself closer to try and assist his battle-brothers.
After he healed they put him back with training of neophytes for recon. Having lost the ability to quench his blood lust he began to take it out on those he trained. The chapter knew they needed to either kill him or give him another position. Knowing how much he enjoyed getting close and personal with the enemy they made him an Assault Marine. Here is where he found his true calling. Any mission that sent him up against Tyranids he volunteered for. No mission was ever complete until they laid waste to every alien being. He would use any melee weapon they would put in his hand, as long as he was able to cause as much blood and gore as possible.
Honored with many medals for bravery, one mission ended up being his call to the Deathwatch. Assaulting an abandoned Space Hulk. They found it infested with various chaos beings. The Chaos Space Marines and their minions were suppose to have been the most challenging aspect of the mission, but low and behold this was far from the truth. As they battled further into the Space Hulk they found even more malevolent forces. Daemonic forces kept getting in their way as they fought their way to the center. Inside the center of the hulk the dark forces finally finished their spells just as we arrived. This portal to the deepest regions of the warp, and hundreds of daemons flew out. We were slaughtering them by the hundreds until this humongous charnel daemon stepped out. It laid waste to everything in its path. Swipes from his massive sword laid open everything in its path. It was like nothing could touch it. It lept across the room to take out the Librarians and Devastators when suddenly it was met in midair by one lone figure. Xeqtor had survived the initial breakout. Laying waste to the daemon that layed underneath him with chainsword and lightning fist, blood fountained up around him. He stood and let out a roar. Walking back towards the rest of the marines the daemon stood behind him Bring it’s sword up to cleave him in half it exploded as the vortex grenade Xeqtor left in his torso activated.
Upon arriving home, he was lauded for the successful mission. The Captain of the squad informed him of his new posting to the Deathwatch. Allowing him to take his battle against Chaos into the far reaches of space.

Xiomar Elyas Quinlin Tor