In the grim-dark future of the 40th century, there is only war. The Imperium of Man has expanded across the galaxy under the leadership of the immortal Emperor of Mankind, whom now sits immobile within the Golden Throne of Terra for ten thousand years. Although once a living man, his shattered body can no longer support life, and remains intact only by a combination of ancient technology and the sheer force of his will, itself sustained by the soul-sacrifice of countless millions of psykers. He is the God-Emperor, savior of mankind, and he is worshiped as such. Thousands of his worshipers have fought, and died, against the foes of man: The Heretic, The Witch, and The Alien.

The greatest of these, are the Space Marines. Genetically enhanced super soldiers whom the Emperor created with his own blood and the blood of the Primarchs, the original sons of the Master of Mankind. Noble of spirit, stern of demeanour, and fanatically devoted to their chapters and the Emperor, fighting with zeal and fervor no mortal man can mach. They are the Angels of Death, and they shall know no fear.

Of the Space Marines there is a special chapter, dedicated and specializing in cleansing the reaches of space of the Xenos threat: The Deathwatch. The secretive organization, made of several different chapters, is the militant hand of the Ordo Xenos, participating in various missions under the leadership of the Ordo Inquisitors. Inquisitors use the Deathwatch to destroy xenos, or send them to accompany a Magos to retrieve xenos technology is beneficial to the realm of man. Whatever the mission maybe, the Deathwatch will succeed…for if they fail, it could be the end of man.

To be Unclean
That is the Mark of the Xenos
To be Impure
That is the Mark of the Xenos
To be Abhorred
That is the Mark of the Xenos
To be Reviled
That is the Mark of the Xenos
To be Hunted
That is the Mark of the Xenos
To be Purged
That is the fate of the Xenos
To be Cleansed
For that is the fate of all Xenos


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